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Jason Platts

Jason Ultimate Build and Fly

I have been on the heli scene for six years and attend most U.K events and competitions including:

3d Championship 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, Park Hall 3d cup 2009, 2010, 2011, 3d Scotland 2010, 2011,F3N BMFA Nationals 2010, 2011 and Helifest Air 2012.

I also Judge at most Grass roots competitions and most recently 3DNI 2012.

I am also the secretary for North Notts Model Flying Club.

I am also a BMFA examiner and instructor.

I am proud to promote all my sponsors these include: Midland Helicopters, Miniture Aircraft, Scorpion Power Systems, Optifuel, Optipower, Edge Rotorblades and Innosky.

Pete Ayrissuntitled


I’ve been flying model helicopters for about 5 years.
I fly 3d in national and international competition.

I have flown in national 3d competition with some success, including my current rank of 7th place in the UK. And 2nd place at the first running of the f3n class at the BMFA nationals 2010.
I am the current UK night flying champion, which I have won 2 years running.
I love flying helicopters.. And am proud to promote all my sponsors.
I’m very grateful for their support.

My sponsors include..
CSM gyros, NHP Rotor blades, Optifuel / Optipower,Thunder Tiger, Galaxy Models, Savox Servos, and of course Ultimate Build and Fly.

Rob Turnbulluntitled


I have been flying model helicopters since January 2004 after buying a Raptor 30 v2 for myself for Xmas 2003.

My sponsors include Midland Helicopters, Thunder Tiger, Thunder Power RC, OptiFuel, Scorpion Power Systems, Savox, Mavrikk Blades and CSM.

I fly Thunder Tiger model helicopters, with my main models being the Raptor 90 G4 in both nitro and electric variants.

I am looking forward to the impending new releases from Thunder Tiger in 2013, as they become available. It’s going to be a great year for Thunder Tiger and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

I am an international 3D competition pilot, and have managed to place in the top 5 in the UK for the last three years, and in 2012 I won 1st place at 3D Ireland 2012.

I am also the UK F3N 3D Team Manager and will be helping to take the team to a Podium position at the World Championships in Poland this year (all being well!).



Mike Eddington



I’ve been flying since 2003 when I quit smoking (I had to pay for this hobby somehow…)

I’m probably more known for my crashes than I am for my flying, I spend most of the flying season attending as many funfly’s and competitions as I can. I currently write for Model Helicopter World doing both product reviews and a monthly article 3D Kaos with Rob Turnbull.

I’m currently sponsored by some great companies like Midland Helicopters, Optifuel, CSM, Savox  and Scorpion Power Systems.

I have been on some great adventures with this hobby and hope to have a few more in the near future.

For the last five years I’ve been working with Rob organising and competing in the 3D Championship competition, which has been a huge success and has grown from a single event to multiple events per year, and holidays abroad.

Paul Layheuntitled


I have been flying helicopters since early 2010

I have the following in my fleet -

  • Mikado Logo 600Sx (Carbon Upgrade)
  • Mikado Logo 600Sx
  • T-Rex450 Pro

I can be found at 3d events and flyins with Jason helping with displays and helicopter maintenance and having the odd flight myself

I fly at North Notts model flying club all year round  and Newark indoor model flying club during the dark winter nights.
I am proud to promote and be associated with Ultimate Build and Fly.

Sam Burvilleuntitled

Sam Burville

I am a newcomer to the hobby having started flying in April 2012 with my first heli being a T-Rex 450 V2 Sport.

Since then I have been practicing hard and am now working towards completing both my A & B BMFA certificates in the aim to start competing in 2013.

My forever changing fleet currently consists of a Raptor G4 nitro and a SAB Goblin 630. I also have a NanoCPX and MCPX BL for indoor flying during the winter.

When not attending events I can usually be found flying at my home club North Notts Model Flying Club.

I am proud to be associated with UBF having being taken on as a new team pilot and am looking forward to a fun filled 2013.

Dan Templeuntitled


Hi I’m Dan Temple.

I started flying rc helicopters back in 2007,after a few crashes I got very disillusioned and gave up.However after attending a few flyin’s this year with my father the bug has bitten again.

I was line judge at ZONE 2012 and again at AIR 2012.I’m currently flying an ElyQ vision comp nitro using a Dx8. I’m a member of South West RC helicopter club.My main goal is to get up to a standard where I can compete at grassroots 2013,so I’m trying to get in as much flying and sim practice as possible.This time I’m determined!

my small fleet consists of

  • ElyQ vision 50 comp.
  • Blade 400 3d
  • Blade 130X
  • Blade nano cx.


Chris Smithuntitled


I started my flying back in 2005 with a Raptor 30 and was instantly hooked.

I live, eat and breath helicopters and hope maybe one day to get my full size licence, I try to attend as many flyins and competitions as possible and have competed in both 3D Scotland and the 3D Championships at grass roots level, having come 3rd in my class at Scotland!

My fleet currently consists of the Trex 450, 550 and 700e, I am proud to be have been taken on in Team UBF for the 2013 season and look forward to both competing and offering any help and assistance I can on behalf of UBF, my main goal for 2013 is to undertake my B test.


Ben Thornley (Albert)untitled


Ben has been flying since 2011 when he passed his A test at the age of 6, thanks to Jase and his expert tuition.

He is now working towards his B and hoping to take part in his first grass roots during 2012. Ben fly’s a J R Vibe 50 and an Align T Rex 700n. He is a member of North Notts Model Flying Club and Lindens Model Flying Club, where if he is not attending flyins or events you can find him most weekends practicing.

Ben really enjoys flying and is proud to promote Climb-Out and now of course U.B.F and Jase aka Albert!!! Thank you to both for all their support.

Mat Watkinuntitled


I have been flying heli’s since the late 80′s and fixed wing for a few years before that. I started off flying Kalt Helicopters, including the Kalt Cyclone and Kalt Space Baron.

I flew in the Kalt demo team flying at model airshows and flyins all over Europe.

I then switched to JR heli division when the Ergo 30 was released and flew for JR all over Europe.

I moved to Belguim in the late 90′s and worked for Protech testing all manor of RC models.

I returned from belgium in 03, to work here at Midland Helicopters.

I have in my fleet at the moment an E-flite MCPX (best toy ever), an MSH Mini Protos, a Mikado Logo 600 3D and an Avant Aurora 90N FBL.

Benny Gebruersuntitled


I´ve been flying since 2008 after i know the existence of model helicopters.

I started that year with some smal competitions in the Netherlands. After a few months of flying i was addicted. I started with a Mini Titan and a few weeks later i bought a Raptor 50 titan.

After that my next big step was my first 90 size heli, the Trex 700n flybarless. I fly this heli i think 2 years now.

Now my fleet is: Rave ballistic, Rave ENV nitro, Goblin 700, mini titan SE V2

I´m currently sponsord by: Optifuel and Optipower, Scorpion Power Systems, SAB compositi, Rapid Eyewear, EP Fun, innosky. I give my thanks to all of them for helping me with this nice hobby.

Since 2011 i started with some international events like, Pitchbrothers smackdown, Alpine heli smackdown where i met Jason from Ultimate build and fly.

In 2013 i will attend on some events in the UK to fly with some nice guys over there.

I´m proud as a Belgium heli pilot to be associated with UBF as a new team pilot.

See you all soon.


Marcel Van Geldereuntitled


I started to fly in 1993 with a Robbe Musquito / Kyosho Concept 30 / Futura
and Futura Youngblood with FC18 amd FC28 transmitters from Futaba.
In those early days I won the Dutch F3C championship 2 times. Hereafter I
stopped for a while and since 2009 I began to fly again.
What a lot has changed in those years !I started to fly with the Align 700N with a futabe t10CG 2.4G. After a bit of flying I also bought the Logo 600SE with spektrum DX8.
It also happened that I started a website, selling RC Helicopters.

This was my wish many years ago and finally now I could realize this wish!
Beside the website I visit many RC clubs in Holland and Belgium to promote
“the new stuff live” . I also try to visit RC meetings in Europe.During such a meeting, Alpine Smackdown in Switserland 2011, I met Jase from

What a wonderfull man he is !!!!! He knows a lot and is technically
well-founded !!I surely recommend my customers to build / repair their heli’s by UBF


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